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About Calla

About Calla

Calla - Association for Preservation of the Environment is a citizens' environmental association founded in 1991. Calla is named after a protected plant, the water-arum (Calla palustris).

The mission of Calla association is to offer people a helping hand for protection of the environment, contribute to preservation of valuable ecosystems in South Bohemia, and support the desirable transformation of the Czech energy system to a clean, safe and renewable one.

Naše semináře většinou zaujmou
Sustainable energy promotion programme

In the energy domain, we provide municipalities and citizens’ associations with an expert background aiming at promoting a sustainable and safe energy system with minimal greenhouse gas emissions. We provide consultations, publish awareness-raising materials, organise thematic workshops, conferences and excursions. We have established an online database on renewable sources of energy, a website dealing with climate change and a portal with information on nuclear energy

Practical ekological education
Nature and landscape protection programme

Calla focuses on nature protection particularly in South Bohemia. We actively oppose projects that might damage valuable natural sites, and help people who want to defend nature around them. We promote near-natural restoration of mining areas, especially sand pits, and we take care of some ourselves ( We protect old trees and animal species bound to them ( In addition, you can adopt a sand martin through us (


Calla's environmental consultancy

Besides ordinary environmental consultancy issues, we offer help in the following areas: sustainable energy, nature and landscape protection, and environmentally friendly restoration of resource mining areas, in which we specialise.

zpravodaj Ďáblík
Ďáblík magazine

Ďáblík magazine and other information activities

An electronic monthly bringing information about Calla’s activities and projects. It contains opinions, thematic essays, invitations, notices, and other important information. In cooperation with Hnutí DUHA, Calla organises regular discussion evenings, known as Green Thursdays, on various topics related to environmental issues. For several years now, we have been organising a series of guided natural scientific walks for the public in and around České Budějovice.

Calla is a member of the Green Circle association of environmental NGOs, the Environmental Consultancy Network and the Krasec South Bohemian environmental centre network.

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Calla - Association for Preservation of the Environment
Postal address:
Fráni Šrámka 35, CR-370 01 České Budějovice
Tel.: +420 384 971 930, +420 387 311 381
Fax: +420 384 971 939
E-mail: calla(zavinac)
Our account number:
3202800544 / 0600 GE Money Bank, České Budějovice
IBAN: CZ80 0600 0000 0032 0280 0544

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